“Doctorate in Geography”: Aug 2013 to May 2017; West Virginia University, USA

Selective course work: Physical Geography, Biosphere & Atmosphere Interaction, Climate and Environment, Climatological Analysis, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis, Geo Visualization and Cave, Monsoon Climate and Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography.

“Master of Engineering in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System”:┬áJan 2005 to Dec 2006; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Selective course work: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Digital Cartography, Land Surface Monitoring and EIA and GIS for water resource management.

“Bachelors in Civil Engineering”: Oct 2000 to May 2004; Annamalai University, India

Selective course work: Environment Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Hydrology, Ground Water Engineering