1. GIS technical support to USAID/Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) biodiversity and forestry analysis project – Implemented by Chemonics International. More info

Region focused: Asia

Activity: Review and compilation of existing GIS datasets and satellite imageries available in countries of interest pertaining to the area of bio-diversity and tropical forest; Mapping status of the resources, hotspots, threat indicators, drivers of change in biodiversity and forestry for four sub region of Asia and Burma; GIS database development in SAVGIS platform enabling easy visualization of spatial datasets and metadata.

2. Climate Risk Management Technical Assistance Support Project (CRM TASP): funded by UNDP BCPR . More info

Region focused: Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal and Timor Leste

Activity: Prepare climate profile for countries includes inter and intra annual variability, dry spell analysis, climate impacts analysis, climate risk priorities, Future climate scenario and projected climate related impacts, climate sensitivity to agriculture sector in countries.

3. Regional Disaster Data Inventory

Region focused: Africa and Asia (RIMES member countries)

Activity: Development of disaster Inventory System for RIMES to archive disaster occurrences, impacts, and its intervention for each and every disaster in Asia and Africa. Analysis of disaster impacts on various sectors such as agriculture, water resource, and infrastructure.

4. Develop an accurate regional climate change model for the Maldives through statistical and dynamic downscaling of Global Climate Change Models to provide projections for use in national and local planning

Region focused: Maldives

Activity: Global Climate Model and Regional Climate Model output analysis over Maldives domain, Dynamical downscaled products compilation for Maldives at atoll level, Statistical downscaling for long term data available locations, Interpretation of climate change results into sectoral impacts, and Development of Geo-Climate Information system incorporating all climate modeling results and geographical layers in a single platform.

5. Climate Change Projections over the Asia Pacific Region – a status: Current status on availability of climate data and future scenarios of climate change for the Asian Pacific region

Region focused: Asia Pacific

Activity: Desktop review of currently available climate data and climate change projections in Asia and the Pacific region

6. Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change ‐ Capacity for Hydro‐meteorological Services and Climate Modeling: funded by DANIDA 

Region focused: Bhutan

Activity: Development of GIS ‐ based decision support tools for operational meteorology (generating forecast maps, satellite observed plots), Analysis of historical climate datasets and development of Statistical weather forecasting model, Forecast bias correction, GIS Database development and Map generation

7. Climate Risk Management Technical Assistance Support Project (CRM TASP): funded by UNDP BCPR

Region focused: Indonesia, Armenia, Ecuador and Mozambique

Activity: Analysis and Visualizing Global Climate Model and Regional Climate Model scenarios in GIS enabled platforms, Developed Statistical functions for Climate downscaling, Geo Climate Information System development, Orographical Climate surface construction.

8. Regional Early Warning System development for Africa and Asia: Implemented by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center. Funded by UNESCAP Regional Tsunami Trust Fund and DANIDA

Region focused: Africa and Asia

Activities: Enhance the visualization of natural hazard forecast products, translating forecast information into impacts, developing geospatial tools for pre disaster impact Assessment, WebGIS development, Carry out GIS capacity assessment needs in RIMES member countries and design training program for the government agencies.

9. Regional Tsunami Hazard and Risk Assessment in Indian Ocean and South China Sea region: funded by UNESCAP. 

Region focused: Indian Ocean Countries and South China Sea Countries

Activities: Regional Tsunami Hazard and Risk, Participatory Risk Analysis and Evacuation routes.

10. Enhancing Community Resilience to Natural Disasters in Southeast Asia: funded by DANIDA. 

Region focused: Cambodia and Vietnam

Activity: Disaster risk Assessment and Coastal community resilience program implementation in pilot communities in Cambodia and Vietnam.

11. Climate Forecast Applications (CFA) for Disaster Mitigation Program in Philippines and Timor-Leste: funded by USAID

Region focused: East Timor, Philippines

Activity: Timor Leste GIS Database development and Capacity building activities for ALGIS – Ministry of Agriculture in Timor Leste, Dumangas Municipal Agro-Climate database development and training conducted for Municipal Agriculture office staffs at Dumangas, Iloilo province, Philippines.

12. Spatial Analysis of Avian Influenza in Thailand – Implemented at Asian Institute of Technology funded by Institute of Research for Development, France. 

Region focused: Thailand

Activity: GIS Database development, spatial analysis, Emergence, Incidence and Diffusion analysis, Spatial statistics, Sat Scan cluster detection, Hot spot detection, Environment and climate analysis, Cartographic visualization and publishing maps in Website, Emergence preparedness and planning.

13. Flood water management project in Chi river basin and irrigation planning for the agricultural lands by season, implemented at Asian Institute of Technology funded by Royal Thai Government, Thailand 

14. Comparison of leaf area index measurement by direct and indirect methods in paddy field, Asian Institute of Technology