I have facilitated the following training programs as resource person.

Training on Geo-Climate Information System – a visualization tool for displaying climate change scenarios for Maldives, 22 January 2012, Male, Maldives

Training on GIS for Operational Meteorology and Forecast Translation, 21- 30 Jun 2010, Thimpu, Bhutan 

Training on GIS for Hydro-Meteorological Applications for Bhutan Department of Meteorological scientists, 2-14 May 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

Training on GIS applications in Meteorology for National Department of Meteorology and Geophysics scientists from East Timor, 1-30 Sep 2009, Bangkok, Thailand 

GIS for spatial analysis and generating Bathymetric datasets, Regional Tsunami modeling course, 9-20 Mar 2009, Bangkok, Thailand 

Training on Agro-climate Database Management System and Tools for Municipal Agricultural Office Staff’s in Dumangas Municipality, 15-16 Mar 2009, Philippines 

Training on Generating Impacts outlook from Seasonal weather forecast using Geospatial tools for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, 25 Oct 2008, Dili, East Timor 

Training on using GIS for Forecast Visualization, Interpretation and Translation, Climate Risk Management Training Program facilitated by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, 17-28 Nov 2008, Bangkok, Thailand 

Training on GIS tools for Agro-Meteorological applications for East Timor Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery & I/NGO Staff’s, 12-13 Jul 2008, Dili, East Timor.

Geospatial Decision Support Tools for Early Warning, End to End Early Warning System Training program facilitated by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, 15-26 Sep 2008, Bangkok, Thailand